Quotable Sales Quotes

What can we learn from others?  Consider some of our favorite quotes to inspire your own success.


Salespeople are pragmatic activists who learn by doing and experiencing and the evidence indicates that the most efficacious learning style is procedural rather than declarative
(Geiger & Guenzi. 2009).
Further the demands upon business in response to the Global Financial Crisis along with increased competition have changed the market place markedly
(Leff & Williams 2009).
It is now widely recognised that the skill and performance of the sale effort is increasingly critical to the success of a business
(Pelham 2009).
This means organisations focus needs to be upon the whole sales function with responsive, timely development meeting the ever changing needs of the market
(Shemwell & Yavas 2012).
The importance of a cohesive aligned sales team is fundamental to that success, and peer to peer learning and development drives the development of success by building group IP
(Singh & Koshy 2010).
Sales as a function of business is a procedural based set of skills and competencies and is best learned through doing and training with simulated opportunities to test leanings
(Glieda 2012).
The importance of cultural implications in association with the sales learning also needs to be considered as a common language must be developed and adhered  to across the whole sales function
(Steward et. al. 2009).

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