Thought Leadership Events


It’s been said frequently that knowledge is power.  And in this day and age, it pays to be in the know with what is going on around you.  NWOT firmly believes educating yourself in the world around you is a key attribute to running a successful enteprise, which is why NWOT runs events.

For the past 2 years NWOT has run a variety of thought leadership events, bringing thought provoking speakers to our clients, such as;

  • Aaron Wood (2007 Young Environmentalist of the Year)
  • Dr Paul Mees (Transportation Contributor – The Age & RMIT Professor)
  • Dr Nicholas Gruen (Economist)
  • Andrew MacLeod (Former CEO – Committee for Melbourne) 

Topics and formats for our events vary, but you will always be sure there is a fresh twist in the way NWOT brings this to you.

Upcoming events can be found on the right hand side.

Find photos from our previous events on our facebook page

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