Thought Leadership Events

NWOT is a company that thinks differently, and we like to inspire our customers to do the same.  Our “Planet” practice brings thought leadership events to our customers to inspire thoughts, actions and ideas throughout their business, and personal lives.  Our topics aren’t the usual “green” theme.  We cover everything from Transportation policy to Carbon Taxing and our local Economy.  See our calendar for more information on upcoming events.




Organisational Interventions and Coaching

Have you ever asked yourself this question: How great are my people and how productive are they? If so, what was your answer? And who are you comparing your people with? If you have a suspicion that your people are good but could be better, then we are the group of positive disruptive thinkers you should talk to about achieving the best from your greatest asset – your people. Our coaching and training division delivers some of the best ideas to skill, motivate and deliver productivity improvements in the work place and the market you choose to serve. And we have the research to prove it.





IT Consulting & Technology Solutions

It’s a simple fact that a business need to turn a profit to stay operating.  And one of the biggest enablers to Profits is technology.  That is why NWOT’s “Profit” practice focuses on strategic technology and consulting solutions.  Technology is most powerful when it’s an enabler to a business, rather than an inhibitor.  Let NWOT show you how to transform your technology from one to the other!

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