Your PEOPLE doing more with the same resources
Growing PROFITS by your customers advocating for you & technology working with you.
Your Enterprise committed to the PLANET through knowledge of what is going on around it.

NEWAVEOFTHINKING (or NWOT as we are commonly called) is an innovative business and technology solutions company.  NWOT provides our clients with fresh solutions in the areas of change management, business and marketing consulting and unique technology solutions.

Our mission is to increase our client’s productivity & profits. We aim to enhance customer loyalty, decrease staff turnover, improve self-management within organisational teams, shorten business development cycles and enable companies to achieve more with fewer resources.  We achieve this through organisational alignment.

We accomplish this alignment by offering a range of professional solutions.  We base interventions on market research and industry discovery and a deep understanding of our clients needs.

We believe in a very simple concept. There are three things that make organisations operate:






These three elements need to work together to create a truly sustainable business.

NWOT offers customers solutions to address these areas. What’s the result?



Here’s how we do it:

  • Organisational Dynamics & Training (People)
  • Thought Leadership Events (Planet)
  • IT Consulting & Technology Solutions (Profit)

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