Organisational Interventions and Coaching

What is the purpose of the NWOT People practice? The answer is we live to teach, coach and mentor professionals to get the best out of their professional lives and their personal goals. We dedicate ourselves to this simple and yet challenging vision. How? We are a group of disruptive thinkers, backed up by years of experience in the business world of selling, managing and winning. However, our Principals have also been in the trenches and have felt the challenges in the world of commerce. All are winners in their own right with exceptional credentials.

But have lost too. It is this experience that makes our Principals sort after coaches, trainers and facilitators. They push the envelope with our clients, not to breaking point, but to really see where the true boundaries of desired outcomes exist. This is done by “insight” and “research”.

With this data in hand, our Principals then design unique interventions that assists with “moving the needle” of people performance.

Depending on your organizational needs, NWOT can design, deliver and measure “productivity” and “change” interventions that deliver tangible and measurable positive business outcomes. From sales skills, to leadership, communication, and facilitated guidance workshops, NWOT has the experience, the skills and the tools to really drive productivity improvements in your business. And we guarantee it. We partner with our clients to focus on outcome and desired state. We work collaboratively and wish to become an extension of our client’s business environment.

We are creative thinkers and we allow our imaginations to assist our clients to create their desired future states and outcomes.

We are passionate about success and this passion moves mountains. And we have. Just ask us and we will prove it with our successful “people” projects case studies. We push our clients, to excite, to engage, so we can both harness creativity and productivity that’s often exists but is lying dormant. We water these new ideas by demonstrating new ways and outcomes.

Creativity is the process of having new ideas that have value. Ideas come from people. All they need is belief, support, skills and techniques to deliver a great result. This balanced alignment between the silos of an enterprise will deliver great business outcomes.

Sadly, it does not exist as often as it should in today’s complex business environments. We can “move the needle” of people’s behavior to get this alignment. Innovation and fresh ideas is based on collaboration, mutual respect and great teamwork.

This is our mantra and we love sharing it and working with our clients to achieve what they want. A great business culture, focusing on what’s right and winning for all in the enterprise and their customers!



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